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Avocado Export Company

Contact: Jennie & Wayne Franchesci
Mobile: 0427 988 246
Phone: +61 8 9771 1632
Fax: +61 8 9771 1633

The Avocado Export Company (AEC) trading as AVOZ Exports is an Australian company based in Brisbane and owned by a group of avocado growers, packers and marketers across Australia. The company represents more than 50% of Australian avocado production with the main focus to export fresh avocados to international markets. AEC members are spread across several major avocado growing regions in Australia. Although our peak supply occurs from May to September, this geographical spread allows us to provide a 52 week a year program of supply to our customers.

The Avocado Export Company was founded with the mission to be the leader in fresh avocado export from Australia. Year round programmed supply, supported by technology driven producers and modern packing facilities ensures that our customers only receive the best and freshest avocados available.

The Avocado Export Co is actively pursuing new export markets that will accommodate their growing volumes available for export.

Why AEC?

  • Largest supply base of avocados in Australia
  • Management has years experience in exporting fresh fruit
  • Programmed supply
  • Full count range of avocados
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Supply of fresh quality avocados


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