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Montague Fresh

Contact: Claire Fitchett
Mobile: +61 458581221
Phone: +61 3 9709 8100
Fax: +61 3 9796 9793

Montague Fresh Exports is the export arm of Montague Fresh, the fresh produce trading division of the Montague Group. The Montague Group is a family owned and operated company with orchard and packing operations in all of Australia’s premier stonefruit, apple and pear growing regions.

Market Leaders: Montague Fresh have been industry leaders in the growing, procurement and supply of select varieties of stonefruit apples and pears to Australian and global markets for over 50 years.

Research & Development: Montague Fresh has built key international partnerships with leading plant breeding organisations in order to provide our customers with the best new products and varieties available worldwide.

Innovation: Montague Fresh was the pioneer of PLU labels and controlled atmosphere storage for apples in Australia and has recently invested in pre-packing equipment to provide our customers with a range of packaging options.

Supply Chain and Programmed Marketing: Montague Fresh can tailor perishable supply chain solutions to ensure product quality is maintained from the orchard through to the final customer. A large group of specialist growers and suppliers enable Montague Fresh to provide long lines of consistent quality stonefruit, apples and pears.

Quality Assurance: All Montague grown fruit supplied meets internationally recognised Quality Assurance standards including Euregap® to ensure product safety and integrity. 

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