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Sunfresh Marketing Co-operative Ltd

Contact: Judy Prosser
Phone: +61 7 5446 3783
Fax: +61 7 5446 3083

From 22 foundation members in 1996, Sunfresh now has over 260 members and has grown to be one of Australia's major avocado groups.Sunfresh growers also supply other products for marketing through the cooperative such as, mango,lychee, citrus (including finger lime), custard apple and low chill stonefruit. In addition to supplying fruit to the domestic market, Sunfresh also has supply contracts with supermarkets and supply regular export shipments.

There is a strong market demand for Sunfresh products with the brand well established in Melbourne,Adelaide, Perth, Newcastle, Sydney and Brisbane and Sunfresh has been actively involved in the export market since January 2001 with exports into Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Middle East and Thailand. Together with the company's brand comes a Quality Assurance program so that every Sunfresh tray or carton is packed and looks the same.

Product: avocados, lemons, limes and sub tropical fruit 

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