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Sweetee Citrus

Contact: Darryl Lowe
Mobile: +61 407 949 926
Phone: +61 7 3717 1512
Fax: +61 7 3717 1501

Sweetee Citrus is a Queensland Citrus growing and marketing company based in the regions of Gayndah and Mundubbera in Queensland, Australia.  Sweetee was founded through the merging of a few long-standing family companies.  With a combined experience of over 150 years, the merge has seen the formation of a company strong in its ability to supply premium quality Citrus and service excellence over the Queensland citrus season to not only Australia but also internationally.  Sweetee has grown to become Queensland’s largest supplier of quality citrus lines.

Our growers' orchards are geographically diverse, thus allowing the supply of a wide range of early and late citrus varieties.  The Sweetee group grows a full suite of citrus products including:

Imperial mandarins

Daisy mandarins

Eureka lemons

Low seeded Murcott mandarins

Fremont mandarins

Seedless lemons

Honey Murcott mandarins

Taylor Lee Mandarins

Navel oranges

Sweetee Citrus’ integrated business includes close partnerships with Central Fruit Packers (, Queensland’s largest citrus packing facility, and our domestic marketers, FAVCO (, an Australian family owned marketing company, who specialize in servicing the entire fruit and vegetable industry with innovation and dedication.


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