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The excellent quality and year-round supply of Australian avocados means they are highly sought after in international markets.

Avocado production in Australia is widespread with orchards found from the north-east to the south-west of the country. The major production regions are the Atherton Tablelands, around Bundaberg, and south-west Western Australia.

In 2012-13 the Australian avocado industry produced 54,877 tonnes of avocados.  The main varieties produced are Hass, Shepard, Reed, Sharwil and Wurtz with Hass about 80% of production and Shepard about 10%. 

Hass is more oval than other varieties and has a distinctive pebbly skin which turns a rich purple when ripe. Hass avocados are available almost all year round from different regions of Australia with the main period of export supply from April to November.

Shepard avocados have a smooth green skin and golden buttery flesh which doesn't turn brown when cut. This variety is available in peak supply from February to April.

The environmental diversity of the different growing regions, along with selected varieties, allows the Australian avocado industry to provide a consistent fruit supply to international markets on a year-round basis.

With high quality infrastructure and transport services, fresh Australian avocados can be air-freighted quickly to Asian markets in premium condition.

Potential suppliers of Australian Avocados can be found at:

Australian Avocado
Address: PO Box 8005 Woolloongabba QLD 4120 Australia
Phone: +61 7 3846 6566
Contact: John Tyas, Chief Executive Officer

Fast Facts

Hass is the main variety produced (75%) and is available all year round. The Hass has a rich and nutty flavour and turns a rich purple shade when ripe and ready to eat. It has a characteristic pebbly skin and is more oval in shape than other varieties.

The Shepard variety has smooth, green skin, golden buttery flesh, a delicious nutty taste, and is the only variety that doesn't go brown when cut. The Shepard's season extends from February to April. Unlike other varieties they don't change colour when ripe and remain green.

Major varieties and seasonality

Australian avocados of counts up to 28 are packed and exported in 5.5 kg trays. Speak to your exporter regarding special needs.
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