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Summerfruit (Apricot, Plum, Nectarine, Peach)

Sweet and juicy, luscious and colourful summer stonefruit are the hallmarks of the Australian summerfruit industry, which produces more than 100,000 tonnes of peaches, nectarines, plums and apricots between October and April.

Nectarines, peaches and plums are the main summerfruits exported from Australia. As a relatively small and high quality producer and exporter of summerfruit, Australian growers are gaining a reputation as quality niche market suppliers.

Extensive plantings of new varieties of white and yellow flesh peaches and nectarines have provided exciting new products with both taste and shelf life that enables the industry to meet consumer demands in northern markets. Juicy nectarines and peaches open the Australian summerfruit season in November - April, with delicious apricots available in November - February and sweet tasting plums in December - April .The stonefruit season finishes in April/May.

Positioned in the Southern Hemisphere, Australia is well placed to provide counter-seasonal summerfruit to complement northern producers and help keep your customers supplied with fresh fruit year round.

Summerfruit Australia Ltd.
Address: 8/452 Swift St. Albury, NSW.2640
Phone: +61 2 6041 6641
Contact: John Moore, Chief Executive Officer

Fast Facts

Low Chill varieties of nectarines and peaches produced in warmer climates while High Chill varieties are harvested in southern states of Australia in the Goulburn Valley and Swan Hill regions in Victoria, Orange/Young regions in New South Wales and southern parts of Western Australia and South Australia's Riverland region.

Western Australia's moist south west is acclaimed for its newer plum varieties complementing the Swan Hill and Young production regions with sweet taste sensations.

Apricots are primarily grown in the areas around Swan Hill and Renmark with production expanding in the famously pristine climate in Tasmania.

Low Chill varieties of nectarines and peaches produced in warmer climates and harvested from October to December. The High Chill varieties of nectarines and peaches are available from mid November through to late April.

Apricots from the production areas around Swan Hill and Renmark are available from November- February, with production in Tasmania providing fruit through to March.

Sweet tasting plums are available for November - early May customers.

Major varieties and seasonality: Apricot

Orange Red                        

Major varieties and seasonality: Plum

Amber Jewel                        
Black Amber                        
Black Diamond                        
Dapple Dandy                        
Flavor Fall                        
October Sun                        
Tegan Blue                        

Major varieties and seasonality: White Nectarine

Artic Snow                        
Artic Star                        
August Pearl                        
Bright Pearl                        
Diamond Pearl                        
Fire Pearl                        
Regal Pearl                        
Snow Flare                        

Major varieties and seasonality: White Peach

Autumn Snow                        
Ivory Princess                        
September Snow                        
Snow Angel                        
Snow King                        
Spring Snow                        

Major varieties and seasonality: Yellow Nectarine

August Fire                        
August Red                        
Fire Sweet                        
Honey Blaze                        
September Bright                        
September Red                        
Spring Bright                        
Summer Bright                        
Summer Fire                        
Zee Fire                        

Major varieties and seasonality: Yellow Peach

Elegant Lady                        
O' Henry                        
Rich Lady                        
Ryan Sun                        
September Sun                        
Super Rich                        
Zee Lady                        
Australian summerfruit is exported in 10kg boxes and 4kg trays. Speak to your exporter regarding special needs.
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