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Table Grape

Warm, dry summers and deep, rich soils provide an excellent environment for Australian growers to produce high quality, green, red and blue/black varieties of table grapes.

Growers or their trained agronomists regularly inspect vineyards throughout the entire growing and harvesting period. They are committed to consistently producing sweet, plump juicy, berries that are uniform in colour and size especially for export markets.

Australian table grape producers generally live and work on their properties facilitating the integral practices of integrated pest management and irrigation scheduling, used in managing quality and quickly controlling any pest or disease which may be present in the vineyard.

With modern growing practices, on site cool room facilities, audited quality assurance programs and experienced in-field quality supervisors, the industry has developed a strong reputation as a high quality counter-seasonal supplier to the northern markets.

Australia's geographical spread of production enables fresh sweet table grapes to be available from November through to May.

Positioned in the Southern Hemisphere, Australia is well placed to provide counter-seasonal table grapes to complement northern producers and help keep your customers supplied with fresh fruit year round.

Table grapes can be picked, packed and air freighted to Asian markets within 48-60 hours of harvest. Alternatively, table grapes sent by sea in refrigerated containers can be in Asian markets within 12-20 days of harvest. Shipping to the Middle East takes a little longer at almost 4 weeks.

Australian Table Grape Association Inc
Address: 33 Madden Avenue, Mildura VIC 3500, Australia
Phone: +61 3 5021 5718
Contact: Jeff Scott, Chief Executive Officer

Fast Facts

The major table grape growing regions are found in the Sunraysia region and the Murray Valley, close to the Murray River in Victoria; the Riverina in New South Wales; and south-eastern Queensland. Other growing regions include Carnarvon, the Swan Valley and South West of Western Australia, central New South Wales, the Riverland in South Australia and central Northern Territory.

Major varieties and seasonality: Blue/Black Grapes

Autumn Royal                        
Black Muscat                        
Midnight Beauty                        

Major varieties and seasonality: Green Grapes

Seeded - Calmeria                        
Seeded - O'Hanez                        
Seedless - Dawn                        
Seedless - Menindee                        
Seedless - Thompson                        

Major varieties and seasonality: Red Grapes

Seeded - Red Globe                        
Seedless - Crimpson                        
Seedless - Flame                        
Seedless - Ralli                        

Australian table grapes are packed and exported in 5 and 10kg cartons specially designed to freight fruit long distances while maintaining freshness. Speak to your exporter regarding special needs.

Fresh table grapes can be air freighted to Asian markets within 48-60 hours of harvest.

Table grapes sent by sea in refrigerated containers arrive in Asian markets within 12-20 days of harvest, or Middle East markets within 4 weeks.

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